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Ogemaw County Correctional Facility
Lt./JA Brian Osier Jail Administrator

Correctional Facility Public Entrance
912 W. Houghton Ave.
West Branch, Michigan 48661

Phone 989-345-5908 ext 106
Fax 989-345-6810


The Ogemaw County Correctional Facility began on paper in late 2006 which included various feasibility studies and ideas. The "old Dean Arbour” land and building was purchased in 2007, the official ground breaking ceremony was January 16, 2009. The official Open House Ceremony was June 2010 and we opened the doors September 26, 2010.


The correctional facility contains 124 beds and is considered a podular remote design. A Correctional Facility (Jail or Prison) is considered full when it reaches 80% of its intended capacity; this allows bed space for changes in the inmate classification process. The buildings design has 8 single person maximum security cells, 28 two person medium security cells, 88 beds that are dormitory style pods.


Programs includes GED, NA, AA, Work Release, Weekender, church services, bible study,etc.


Ground breaking ceremony, January 16, 2009

General Information
Visitation:Visitations are conducted Monday and Fridays from 8:30 am until 12:00 pm with varying time slots. They are 30 minutes in length, recorded and monitored. Two people at a time visiting the same inmate. 


To schedule a visit, 989-345-5908 and press 2 for correctional staff.  Incoming Mail:Incoming mail shall be as follows:


Inmate’s name

Ogemaw County Correctional Facility

912 W. Houghton Ave.

West Branch, MI 48661

Bond Payments Bonds can be posted through the court during normal business hours. After hours deposits into an inmates account may be done through the Kiosk located in the Correctional Facility lobby or online by going to   Money can be deposited into a inmates account by bringing in a money order Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  You can mail a money order in the mail with the inmates first and last name.  You can bring money into the lobby and put it in the Kiosk you must have I.D. to put money in the Kiosk or you can go online to to put money on a inmates account. 

  *For further information, review sections below.

Upon transfer to general population of the facility, all inmates, except those sentenced for less than seven days, will be allowed visitation. Visitation will be scheduled on Saturday and Sunday for 30-minute increments. Visits are no contact and shall be conducted through video visitation. The following rules and regulations shall apply to visitation:

  • Inmates shall be responsible for notifying all visitors of their visitation schedule.

  • Visitors must be 17 or older or accompanied by an adult.

  • Visitor(s) shall not have been incarcerated in the Ogemaw County Jail within the last 30 days.

  • Visiting shall be restricted to two visitors at a time.

  • All visitors must present valid picture I.D.

  • Inmates shall instruct their visitor to show up 15 minutes before the visit is to start.

  • Visiting privileges may be suspended for security and safety reasons or bad conduct.

  • All inmates shall have their living area clean and be fully dressed prior to their visit.

  • Visitors shall be attired properly to enter the facility, low cut shirts, short skirts, or any clothing determined to be revealing by the correctional staff shall not be permitted to visit.

  • Inmates shall remain seated during their visit.

  • Tampering or intentional abuse or misuse of the video visitation equipment shall result in disciplinary action, restitution and immediate termination of visit.

  • Inmates shall leave the visiting booth promptly at the end of their visiting period. Failure to leave promptly may result in the loss of future visits.

  • Visitation phones shall automatically shut off at the end of 30 minutes.

  • If a visitor is denied access to the visiting area for any reason, inmates shall be notified of the visitor’s name and the reason for denial.

  • Correctional Staff will not deliver messages, or any other form of correspondence of any type.

  • The Ogemaw County Correctional Facility reserves the right not to permit visitors or to end visits prematurely for just cause.

  • Inmates and Visitors shall not expose themselves sexually to one another-this will result in loss of visitation privileges.

  • All visitations are recorded 

Inmate items allowed to be left by visitors
·        Cash and Credit Cards deposits into your account through the Cobra  Cashier.                No checks will be accepted.

·        Eyeglasses and case

·        Prescriptions

Incoming mail will be delivered Monday through Saturday excluding holidays. Out going mail will be picked up by 9 A.M. Monday through Saturday. There are no limitations on the volume of lawful mail that an inmate may send or receive. Inmates may have up to twelve pieces of mail in their possession, with the exception of legal mail. Any additional mail shall be kept in the inmate’s property bag. Length, language and content shall not be restricted except when there is a reasonable suspicion to justify restrictions for reasons of public safety, facility order and security.


·        Sending a letter to a third party and having them mail it back to the facility is also not authorized.

·        Outgoing mail shall bear only the name of the sender, address, city, state, and zip code.  All mail shall be stamped by Correctional Staff informing the recipient the mail is from an inmate at the Ogemaw County Correctional Facility.

·        All outgoing mail shall be in a standard or legal sized stamped envelope provided through commissary. No homemade envelopes shall be allowed.

·        Envelopes, which contain drawings, cartoons, messages, symbols, etc. on the exterior surfaces, will be rejected.

·        No contraband or food items shall be sent out


Incoming mail shall be as follows:


Inmate’s name

Ogemaw County Correctional Facility

912 W. Houghton Ave.

West Branch, MI 48661


 Legal mail shall be marked as "Legal Mail.” Incoming legal mail will be opened and inspected by correctional staff in the presence of the inmate. Incoming mail must have senders complete name and address on envelope/postcard. Mail (letters)may be disapproved for outgoing or incoming mail if the letter contains the following:


·        Drawings of nude, obscene or sexually explicit material

·        Stamps or stickers or items glued to the postcard or envelope

·        Correspondence that is in code

·        Inter-institutional correspondence

·        Threats of blackmail or extortion

·        Threats of physical harm against any person or threats of criminal activity

·        Information, which if communicated, would create a risk of violence and/or physical harm to any person

·        Plans to escape, or depictions or descriptions of blueprints or operational details on an institution’s security

·        Plans for activities in violation of facility rules, or for criminal activity


Whenever mail is disapproved, the inmate shall be notified of the reason(s) for the disapproval, in writing with an explanation on the "Mail Withheld” form. Rejected material will be stored with the inmate’s personal property in the property room. Inmates shall not write letters to persons with whom there is an active "No Contact Order”, a "Personal Protection Order or are Co-Defendants.

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